Thursday, December 23, 2010

Toytime Circus

Hi, I'm Sarah and I am going to be doing the Toytime Circus BOM for Colleen (Mummy) at the Cobar Quilt Shop. She has numerous BOM programs that she runs and you can see what is available here. Traditionally in Block-Of-the-Month (BOM) program you will be sent 1 block per month however we are able to tailor a program to suit you, for example if you require 2 blocks per month we can arrange a payment plan for that too. I will be powering through these BOM's though just to get the shop sample finished, hopefully 1 a week, so that I can start the next one (BOM) of course. *BIG smile*

The Toytime Circus BOM is a Kookaburra cottage pattern that Colleen has precut fabrics into fabric packs to be sent out to our customers each month. It can be purchased from the on-line store here, or by calling the store on (02) 6836 3606.

Now to the fun part...

This is actually Block 5, but who says that everything needs to be done in order?

These penguins are so darn cute!

I have done the applique on my sewing machine, simply because if I had to do it by hand then it would be done in, oh I don't know, maybe 20 years! The eyes I found to be a little small for the applique stitch so I did a small satin stitch to hold them in place. I like to use a thin pellon behind my work for extra stabiliser, but I have also used 'tear away' on other projects. The pellon makes my project much softer and easier to manovour under my machine as apposed to the tear away which is a bit stiffer but a much more economical option that can also very time consuming when it comes time to tear away all the excess. This block took me almost 3 hours to go from fabric pack to finished.

 For the people who would like to join me in this BOM here is a button that you can add to your sidebar to let everyone else know that you are addicted. Here's how:
1. Right click on the image below and "save picture as..", then type in a name for the file. (such as Toytime)
2. Click on the DESIGN tab on your dashboard.
3. Click on the ADD A GADGET
4. Scroll down to PICTURE and click the plus on the right side.
5. In the LINK field type ''
6. In the IMAGE field, select 'from your computer' and then browse. Locate where you have stored the image and select it.
7. Make sure the 'shrink to fit' box is selected and then SAVE.

So come on, join the fun and do a BOM with me!

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  1. OMG this is so awesome sarah well done ;)