Sunday, February 27, 2011


This has been a very busy month. 2 of my grandsons  have a birthday this month, and I have made them both a quilt. One of them is a "bug" quilt and the other is "Thomas".
The bug one I finished, all but the binding a couple of years ago, and Master 5  just loved it. So, they are both growing up and I thought a quilt would be the perfect presents. Of course I didn't get the binding done untill the day before his birthday last week. I was so excited to give it to him that I forgot to take a picture, so I'll get one and post it later. It was wonderful watching him open it, as he just loved it.
"Thomas" is another story. I actually started this quilt about 5 years ago, (yes that is a 5!), and then became very busy with the shop, and it got put on hold. I finished putting the top togther about 12 months ago and recently had it quilted. Perfect present for Master 3 year old. It's his birthday tomorrow, so I finally got the binding on today. Can't wait to give it to him and see his reaction, I hope it's as good as his brothers!

While at the shop I thought I would have a little down time and make this pair of "Ruffle Butts". I have been going through my personal fabric stash at home and came accross this very cute fabric. I have used the requirements for the elastic but I think I need to find a little girl to try them and make sure it's right.

Monday, February 21, 2011


What a fantastic time had by all. I love these little one off days were we do something completely different to patchwork. Don't get me wrong, I still love my patchwork, but it's nice to do a small project every now & then.
There have been a LOT of these little "ruffle butts" made over the weekend, and this morning I was presented with a couple of  pretty cute dresses to go with them. Thanks Denise for bringing them in.
Abby has a few more ideas up her sleeve, so if your interested in joining in next time, then give us a call here at the shop. You will notice that there were quite a few ladies attended Abby's class, more than we would normally have in a class, but as this was a small project it was fine.
Enjoy our pics!

                                                                   A helping hand


Do I need a little catnap?

                                                              Works in progress

                                                  I'm sure Leah, (in blue top), is thinking
                                        "I need to make lots of these, before bub comes along"

                                          Sarah insisted that I was in here too. I hate the camera.


 More concentration
                                                                 Nearly finished!

                                      The finished products!


Some of the ladies left before I got  a picture of their finished ruffle butts.Very Sad, but I'll get them next time.

Thanks again Abby.

These are some of Abby's other creations that we will do at a later date. We  were going to do the little dress this time, but due to unforseen circumstances we decided to go  with the "ruffle butts", so it'll  be dresses to go  with them next time. Hope to see you there.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ruffle Butts

image from here
We will be hosting a sewing class this weekend with Abby to make some Oh so gorgeous Ruffle Butts. They are very easy to make with the right know-how and Abby would love to share her talent with us all. All you need is a Fat Quarter, which can be purchased from our store for as little as $2 (Can anyone say Bargain?) and with a little elastic, also available in our store for just 65c per metre your first pair of Ruffle Butts could cost you as little as $3! That's a huge saving compared to store brought ones and the beauty of learning to  make your own is that you will be able to choose unique fabrics that will create a one-of-a-kind Cutie Booty (I just love Abbys Cutie on your babys bootie line so I had to slip it in somehwere!)

Here is just a few of the Ruffle Butts that Abby has made...

Now after checking out the little Beauty in these pics please remember that these Ruffle Butts can be make in boy fabrics too, or neutral. Just check out those Batman ones, how cute are they for your little Guy.

Please call the Store on 02 6836 3606 to make your booking. It is going to be a fun day, don't miss out!

Where: Cobar Quilt Shop
When: 10:30 - 12:30pm Saturday 19th February
Cost: $10 class fee when farbrics purchased from CQS, or $15 if fabrics are brought from elsewhere, plus requirements

See you there!