Thursday, January 20, 2011

Playing with Angels Part 1

I am so excited to be doing this BOM. We have had it on offer here at Cobar Quilt Shop for quite some time and I actually started it about 12 months ago when we made our first kit up, but I just hadn't had time to get it all finished. But since finishing the Toytime Circus BOM a couple of weeks ago, I have been tracing like a mad woman preparing all my blocks to begin sewing. I do not have girls but boy if I did... this would be the centre piece of her room! I LOVE this quilt, and I'm not even at the Ta-Da stage yet.
More blocks with no eyes... we'll just have to exercise that imagination again.

This is the PLAY block all finished. I am going to be quilting this quilt myself as well, so keep an eye out for that when the time comes!
Now there was no way that I could leave PLAY feeling all alone on the pile of finished blocks so I decided to give her a friend and got up REEEAALLY early today and did another one! It is very addictive and I couldn't tell you how many I will have for my post next Wednesday, maybe 1, maybe 2, who knows it could very well be the next 4! It just goes to show you that these quilts can take you a whole 12 months to do or they can be done in a matter of weeks (for some I could imagine it may be only days...) For anyone intereseted in signing up to the really sweet girls quilt please contact us on the information above or pop over here to our store.

Happy Thursday everyone. A great day to start something new!

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  1. OH!! SARAH!! Your applique is sublime I cant wait to see more :)