Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shirred dresses with Abby

This one was fun! We had a great time last week making these beautiful shirred dresses.

Bianca & Steph going great guns

Kerry & Leah. Anyone would think Leah was shy!

Lyn & Abby: up to straps

The finished dresses. Wow, they look good!

 First time on a sewing machine for Bianca. She really did well.

 Sorry Kerry, I didn't check your eyes where open,  but I had to put this pick up.

Thanks again Abby.
See you all again on Saturday for headbands, and Sunday for more ruffle butts


  1. Wow all those dresses look great.
    I'm really happy with my dress if only i new someone that would fit in it lol
    Now i have to make on for myself.
    Was a great class i really enjoyed it.

  2. WOW!! I loved this class so much and the dresses were all gorgeous well done girls :)

  3. Hey Col, I love that brown and cream squares quilt you have on the design wall in the background ... will you be doing this in kits?