Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Christmas Club project 2

Well hello March. Nice to see you. I can't wait for the cooler Autumn weather to begin. 

This month our Christmas Club ladies are making a half apron. This is perfect for protecting your clothes while baking or just for getting you in the festive spirit. 

It is a free pattern provided by www.phyllisdobbs.info

Fabric kits are now available, even if you aren't in the Christmas Club for just $22 each. (plus $3 postage)

February flashback!

We love to see a picture of you with your monthly project... Or even if you just send me a picture of your project would be lovely. 

Our lovely friend and Christmas Clubber Tracey. 

We have already had one sewing group inspired by our first project. So if you are looking for another of the star pincushion kits in fabrics other than Christmas, these beauties are waiting for you. 

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