Friday, February 5, 2016

FWSQ week 2

Our blocks we have been working on this week are

Yep, I know, my star spins in the opposite direction. Sometimes not every block needs to be 'by the book' 😊 or perhaps I need to read the book better. Ha ha either way I'm happy with my square so nothing's getting unpicked on it. 

All of these blocks continue to use the 2" thangles as last week did. 

Oh these last 3 blocks! Now we're getting into the smaller squares I am in love. These blocks use the same 2" thangles together with some cutie pie 4 patch blocks. 

As you can see we have worked on more than our goal of 2 blocks per week. These little blocks become very addictive and sometimes it's hard to stop.  

Check out this beautiful lady! Taking some time for herself during our Friday class, while I run the show, and getting stuck into the first 2 blocks of our week 1 blocks.

I am loving her fabrics from our Moda precuts! 

Colleen has now raced ahead in her book and completed another 4 this week already. 

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