Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Sewing and Sore legs

Hi everyone. 

Hopefully the weather is nice where you are, here it is hot and far too hot to do much outdoors. 

So I resolved to spend my day indoors. First up I overcame my fear and went to the gym for the first time ever this morning. It wasn't that scary (once I got to the end) but taking that first step is always hard when we try new things. Wether it was the gym for me today or your first sewing class. 

We have lots of people who pop in and get the information so many times before they get the courage to come along to their first sewing class. I always tell them we arnt scary and the ladies are wonderful and supportive but for some reason it takes ages for our newbies to get here, but once they do, there's no looking back. 

I never had this problem with sewing classes because I have the best Mum ever and she runs the show. I'm not even nervous about going to my first quilters camp in a couple months because she is coming too. And it's always easier to face our fears with a friend. 

But whatever fear it is that keeps you from coming along, I challenge you to face that fear and make that first step. If you need to, bring a friend, bring your lucky rabbit foot or hey, you could always bring a cake, that's a great ice breaker! 

We run classes Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9:30 and also Friday mornings from 10-12:30. It is $15 for the 2.5hrs and there's always a cup of tea (coffee if you prefer) and a yummy treat too. 

I have been sewing for about 18 years and have been working at the Cobar Quilt Shop since it opened almost 9 years ago and coming along to the class nights is a favourite of mine. 

So after a beautiful lunch at my brothers house I have come home feeling  like I can achieve anything today (except squats, that I can't do. My legs are Super Sore!) and this is what I have achieved....

They might be the easiest blocks in the whole quilt but I beat my quota by 2! ;-)

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